In the 2008 election, Senator McCain proudly ran with the slogan "Country First".  While nobody her agreed with him, he ran on the premise that One's Country is more important that party.

A true patriot would  put a clean CR up for a vote.  If it passes, and it hurts his speakership, oh well.  The country would be better off.  If a clean CR failed, it would at least give the Republicans some hope of projecting unity.  

Boehner is no patriot.  he is so indebted and dependent on the Tea Party, that he cannot do what is best for country.  Personally, I think he should be attacked politically for the cowardly act of being self-serving.

It is ironic as well, as what is his end game.  Does anybody see him retaining the Speaker slot?  If he "fails" and a clean CR is passed, he loses his American Taliban support.  If he "wins" and the country is shut down for a long time, he loses some moderate support.. either way, seems to me is a lame duck speaker.

I had a night of insomnia and watched a few old episodes of  Newsroom, on HBO.  Appreciated this scene
and think it is worth rewatching

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