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Something I had not noticed until now... ... but, where is Vice President Biden?  He had been central to prior negotiations in 2011 with the Republican Default Crisis and with the 2012 Fiscal Cliff.  Biden was brought to mind as a result of this twitter exchange on my timeline:


LOL about Reid, but I think wrong about Biden.   Yes, Biden is off canvas, and off camera, and it is probably a conscious decision.  Not because he will be brought in at the last second to make a deal.  When he was involved in prior negotiations before he was out front and on camera with his meetings with McConnell and Boehner, well before the deal.  No, he is being kept off canvas because there will be no deal.  

And the key to transmitting to the GOP that there will be no deal, no negotiations, no nothing, is to keep Biden off canvas.  Because if he was involved, the Republicans would know, based on prior history, that the White House was hunting for a deal.  

No Biden.  No Deal.    

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