We've all been a bit befuddled about this whole government shut down. The GOP has been crying wolf for so long we just didn't think they would go this far. But, they did. The real question is WHY did the Tea Party Republicans do this to the American people? What's their END GAME? Sadly, we are learning more and more every single day. The truth is surfacing. And it's ugly, very ugly.

Strategy Number 1:

Cripple the Affordable Care Act until the 2014 election

Forty three times voting to defund the Affordable Care Act was an indication that the GOP can't get over the election and face the fact it's a law. So they threw a Hail Mary pass and shut the government down so they could cripple Obamacare. One Congressman let the cat out of the bag. He said the strategy leading to the end goal was to maim the law in hopes that the Republicans could take over the Senate and then abolish the ACA altogether. Offering nothing to replace it, of course. Just jerk the rug right out from underneath the 30 million or so people that have been utilizing Obamacare for the past two years. Yes, that includes throwing almost 20 million sick children with pre-existing conditions, under the proverbial bus. Again, offering nothing as a replacement, but to let them die if insurance companies refuse them and their parents can't foot the bill.

Strategy Number 2:

Cherry Pick what to fund and what/whom not to fund

The Tea Party House wants to cherry pick which departments they will fund using the piecemeal method. The definition of piecemeal is to use unsystematic partial measures taken over a period of time. Yesterday they cherry picked the National Forests and NIH (adults and children that need cancer treatments), WIC and FEMA today (it looks like a storm brewing Cantor said), and there will be more next week, Cantor bragged. Eric Cantor wants to look big and try to make Obama and the Dems look bad. So for everything this dictator like Minority Whip decides to fund, he gets to go to the microphone and do his, 'Why won't Obama agree to fund this' shtick. He thinks he's clever. We all know better. He actually drives the Clown Bus for the Republicans

Strategy Number 3:

Punish the Federal workers.

Fox's Stuart Varney recently said on a radio show, what the House members on the right have been wanting to do for a long time. It's a well known fact they strongly dislike Federal employees, so this is their way of punishing them.

When the radio host asked Varney about his opinion on back pay and support for the federal workers currently suffering through being furloughed, he had this to say:
"That is a loaded question isn't it? You want my opinion? This is President Obama’s shutdown. He is responsible for shutting this thing down; he’s taken an entirely political decision here. No, I don't think they should get their back pay, frankly, I really don't. I'm sick and tired of a massive, bloated federal bureaucracy living on our backs, and taking money out of us, a lot more money than most of us earn in the private sector, then getting a furlough, and then getting their money back at the end of it. Sorry, I'm not for that. I want to punish these people. Sorry to say that, but that’s what I want to do."

The Tea Party Republicans consist of about 60 in the House and Senate. That's not a lot, but for some strange reason, the rest of the Republicans are terrified of them. They just put on their little lemming  and waddle right behind them, even if that means going right over the cliff.

One more time.

The GOP Strategy being used to shut down the government is:

1. To Cripple or Maime the Affordable Care Act until 2014, try to take over the Senate and then dimantle the healthcare program completely. Even though millions are using it and millions have signed up for it just within a matter of days.

2. Cherry Pick what to fund and what not to fund using the piecemeal method.

3. Punish Federal Workers and not give them back pay.

Everyone knows they do not want to negotiate. But, what CAN they do?

They can pass a clean CR and sit down and negotiate to their heart's content. If Americans don't fall for their ploys and stand our ground, we can get them to do that. It's going to take some hard work and everyone has to help. Call and write to these obstructionists and let them know that YOU KNOW what they are up to and you don't like it. No more games, just do the right thing.


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