A quick look into the mind of a RWNJ I share an office with. Follow below the squiggle only if you have a strong stomach, though I've removed most of the outright profanity from the quotes.

Note- this is pretty much a rant

The RWNJ I share an office with (I never refer to him as a coworker, as he rarely works) has been spouting off what passes for deep thought for him, taken straight from such wonders of the modern world as the drudge report and breitbart. All quotes are approximate.

The libtards are responsible for the shutdown because they aren't willing to negotiate with the house.
Well, no, as a matter of policy we don't negotiate with terrorists in this country, especially under duress. That certainly ought to apply to the economic terrorists running the House.
they do nothing but spend, that's why the libtards can't balance the budget in California
That must be why California, having come back from big deficits under the last republican governor, is expecting a surplus now that Democrats dominate the state government. If we could get rid of the republicans on the national level, we'd probably have a surplus there too by now.
California claimed they had over 3 million people enroll for health insurance yesterday (Tuesday) but they got less than 8000 unique visitors
Try ~514,000.
Everyone's insurance is going up by at least $600 a month if they buy on the exchanges
That'll be news to the people cutting their insurance costs in half.
Osama ordered 80,000 barriers brought in to block off the WWII memorial before the shutdown, but his thugs had to stand by and watch as veterans smashed them open
This one is just too idiotic to respond to.

And the most disturbing BS of the week-

he's negotiating now because he broke the military code of justice when he put up the barriers around the memorial, so now any member of the military can legally execute him
It disturbs me greatly that people like this can own firearms and reproduce.



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