Watching some very good reporting lately on the real personalities of several GOP stars...that open mic conversation between Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, that arrogant piece of trash berating the park ranger because the WWII memorial was closed...the one the GOPers delayed for a decade, and then closed themselves in the shutdown. Michelle Bachmann's "feel good" comments...a long long list here...

Do they have no idea how offensive they are? NOT just to us everyday liberals, but to just regular moderate, honest people?

It's interesting that here in PA, which was swept by a teabag takeover in 2010...they took control of the legislature AND the governor's office, despite registered Democratic voters having over 1 million majority over GOPers...Our governor, the now infamous Tom Corbett, is already trailing ANY of at least 5 Democrats officially running for his job...by 9 points!

McConnell is having some difficulty keeping his seat in KY, with a challenge from those farther right than he is AND from a Democrat, who has been running a dead heat with him for weeks. He dismisses her publicly, but I bet he fears her in his dreams...

Wendy Davis is running in Texas, mocked by Perry and his gang. She is off to a great start.

Democrats seeking re-election are getting good financial support, even from people in other states.

The GOP is using the shutdown and the nonsense about the ACA to fundraise...but so are the Democrats, and I think we might surprise the righties in 2014 and 2016...and a LOT of support stems from people seeing the REALITY of who the republican are...

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