Sunday, 3:55 PM Eastern. What to write about. My continuing coursework tsuris? Um, really, you all know about that. The fact my apartment really IS my apartment, complete with front-gate-opening power? BFD. Something for LGBT History Month? BIG diary coming up the 22nd for LGBT Literature as a co-production with Remembering LGBT History, not ready to do a preview. Something about the shutdown? Nothing is saying "diary me" the way Tim Egan's op-ed piece said it Friday, and, besides, I wrote about it Wednesday (and this isn't the Russia issue with nobody else writing about it). So I sat down to watch some football, and it came to me.

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It's a :60. Just watch it.

I don't think I need to elaborate on the message, I don't think I HAVE to elaborate on the message, and I don't think I could say anything that would improve on it. If you've seen it already, you now know even more about what my "diary me" instincts are. If you haven't, please watch it. It's only a minute long.

Sometimes, the creative people in advertising just get it right. As soon as I finish the 12-pack of Heineken I bought Labor Day Weekend, I'll lay in a supply of Guinness.

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From JayRaye:

sidnora makes an EXCELLENT comment (also flagged by concernedamerican) that sets up a terrific (and LONG) thread in Leslie Salzillo's rec listed diary,  The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Limbaugh, Fox & GOP Media
From your intrepid diarist:
In Christian Dem in NC's excellent NYT: Leaders of "defund Obamacare" effort were well aware it could cause a shutdown , xxdr zombiexx presents a remarkably good "shorter" version of a terrific diary.
redwagon makes an important point about the so-called moderate Republicans who are trying to serve as a voice of reason in Egberto Willies' diary about the insurrectionist (read "treasonous") behavior of the Cruz wing of the party.
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