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Want to know where the recent flurry of House Republican bat shit is coming from?  

Look no further than right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Recall that immediately after firing the opening salvo with a 21 hour speech on White Castle burgers and Duck Dynasty, Ted Cruz couldn't wait to join Limbaugh for some mutual back slapping.

Now new audio captured by a Flush Rush activist shows that, although Limbaugh has been marginalized over the past few years, his skill at pulling the puppet strings on large numbers of vocal if misled voters is still alive and well.

Using the overwhelming aversion of Tea Party conservatives to feminists and environmentalists, Limbaugh inserts audio of himself railing against these depraved leftists into news breaks, then follows it up with a deft bait-and-switch call to action, encouraging listeners to use an antiquated device called a telephone to contact their Congressperson and urge they stand firm on the government shutdown.

You can hear the manipulative non sequitur below:

In the segment, Limbaugh refers to a Salon article which reports a researcher's findings that negative stereotypes impede support for feminists and environmentalists.  

Spitting out phrases like "man-hating," "unhygienic," "tree huggers," "hippies," "wackos," and "angry activists," from between clenched teeth, Limbaugh concludes that the purpose of this article was to encourage liberal activists to go undercover with their insidious goals:

"Feminists and environmentalists, you have to do what other liberals learned to do ages ago--hide your agenda.  Lie.  Deny who you are.  Deny what you're about, because in your case, the truth is not your friend."

Having scared his gullible, primarily elderly audience into believing they're surrounded by wackos and man-haters in disguise, Limbaugh then parlays their fear into pressure on Tea Party representatives in Congress to continue their kamikaze mission.

Clumsily sidestepping GOP responsibility for the shutdown, the disingenuous talk show host explains that the massive clu$terf*%k was actually a greedy Democratic ploy to keep subsidies which Limbaugh listeners are denied.  He lets them know that they must encourage their representatives to stand firm on ending Obamacare:

"Every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted to shut down the government in order to maintain their exemptions and subsidies for themselves.  Exemptions and subsidies you do not get.  It's the media who want the government shut down so they can continue their character assault on the Tea Party and on Republicans.  


Call and demand that you get treated the same as everybody else on this...Stay in touch with Congress.  Right now is crucial.  You know that they can open the government and then figure out ending or delaying Obamacare.  Let your representative know."

Pressure on elected officials using telephones may be an old fashioned technique, but it could be very effective.  And if Limbaugh has succeeded in stirring up his nest of dimwitted bees, it may explain why House Republicans holding our nation hostage believe that their reckless stunt has widespread support among their constituents.

If you'd like to encourage your Congressional representatives to pass a continuing resolution, you can do so here

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