President Obama announced today, via Jay Carney, that as long as he is President, there will be no negotiation on the debt limit.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday that lifting the debt ceiling will be non-negotiable for as long as Barack Obama is president.

"Whether it's today, or a number of weeks from now, or a number of months from now, or a number of years from now, it will always be Congress's responsibility to raise our debt ceiling so that the United States can pay the bills that Congress has incurred," he told reporters during his daily briefing.

"It will always be, as long as he's president, President Obama's position that that responsibility is not negotiable. That there's not a game of trading for political priorities or agenda items that Republicans have not been able to achieve through legislation or the ballot box."

In what is an incredibly stupid comeback (and this is the GOP we're talking about), SPINO John Boehner's chief of staff David Schnittger, quickly 'retorted' "nah nah you're rubber and I'm glue":

So there!He already negotiated on it. In the past! Apparently tenses aren't the GOP's strong point, either.

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