I just received an email from the Democratic Governors Association. Putting it mildly, the news it reported on Wendy Davis was very encouraging.
Here's part of the email's text:

This just in: a new poll shows Wendy Davis down just 8 points to Tea Party candidate Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race – with an incredible 50% undecided.
This race is winnable, but Wendy needs the resources to get her message out – we know Abbott will stop at nothing to get into the governor’s mansion, and the attacks will be nothing short of nasty.
Want proof? One of Abbott's allies called Wendy “abortion Barbie.”
Already sitting on a war chest of $20 million, Greg Abbott is an extremist with cash to spare. He and his cronies won’t hesitate to come out strong with the attacks."
"Abortion Barbie," eh? How about someone who wants government out of the business of a woman's private affairs, especially decisions that should be private ones between women, their doctors, their families, and their consciences.
And who's yelling "Abortion Barbie?" Well, folks who say they want government out of folk's lives but believe in interfering in a woman's private reproductive decision making.
And yes, those yelling "Abortion Barbie" are the same ones who support politicians like Greg Abbott who claim they are pro-life for babies before they are born, but oppose everything to help babies after they come out of the womb.
So much for the "Abortion Barbie" crybabies who claim they are pro-life but are really anti-babies' life (after they come out of the womb" and anti-woman.
I have some other thoughts below.

Wendy's early positioning reminds me so much of Barack Obama's positioning at a similar stage in his 2008 presidential campaign. Like Obama was early in his campaign, Wendy is considered an underdog against a well-funded and better-known opponent.
I suspect the more folks know about Wendy Davis and Tea Party voter disenfranchiser (among other things) Greg Abbott, the better they'll like Wendy Davis. I sure hope we get everyone out to vote and educate folks on what they will need to get around Abbott's backdoor poll tax (which this voter disenfranchisement law is, since getting needed documentation just to be able to get a state-issued ID costs money (example: a birth certificate)). Also, how many folks do you know can afford to stand hours in line while missing work just to get the ID needed.
I sure hope this voter disenfranchisement law boomerangs badly on Republicans as we get our folks educated on what they need and send them to the polls. I am happy to support a candidate who fights for folks like me the way Wendy Davis has.

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