I wrote a post about not receiving my October 1st Veterans disability check.I received it but am still trying to convince folks in Seattle how great I would be as a worker. I must have two heads, I have never seen so much laughter since the early
days of "Saturday Night Live."
Last night, my phone rang off the hook. Veterans checks have stopped. I am popular I guess because I have a soothing voice and the attitude you can deal with anything. As
of 9:30 a.m. Seattle time, NO decision has been made about November Disability checks. I have a friend who works for the Seattle Veterans Office. My friend mentioned
Congress has 3 or 4 daysland if nothing changes, NO CHECK FOR ME.
Last weekend more Americans died in this stupid war. Their family checks are being held up.
I would be humiliated to be called a Republican. Usually families can come get their
dead hero. To force THOSE parents to be caught up in the Republican bullshit!
I need a word that is below disgust for what I feel for the Republican Congress right now. If one of their children had been killed, this farce of a shutdown would be over.
Decency is something I assumed they had. Now I know they don't even have that.
I will arrange my finances right now to assume no money from the Government.
Some disabled Veterans cant walk or hear, what about them?
Our Country continues to allow our Sons and Daughters to be killed on the first day of the 13th year of the war in Afghanistan. Except for the families and friends, we don't seem to care and neither does Congress it seems.
The Republicans doing this are coming from districts that are thrilled this is happening.
We as a Nation need to keep these crazy people to as small of a group as possible.
The church In Kansas that we know about (Fred Phelps?) has maybe 70 members.
Their hate can he held at bay. The Republicans want power. They want the rules changed, Abortion outlawed, black people and brown people stripped of voting rights.
No gun rules at all, EPA gone, Corporations will rule their World.
They pray to Rush and God and Fox news. You pick the order.
So your Republicans are hard at work this morning, coming up with lies to tell about the Black President from Africa and I am looking for work.

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