Here's an article that speculates about the possibility that Rep. Peter King (R-NY), of Long Island, might end up switching his party affiliation:


Of course, there are a lot of “ifs,” “ands” and “buts,” but it appears that King is so pissed at the current shenanigans of the Republican-controlled House of Misrepresentatives that he is allegedly thinking about switching his party affiliation, according to the article.

As usual, however, King seems to be “hemming” and “hawing” about whether he could actually drop his long-time affiliation with the Republican Party.

There are a couple of thoughts that come to my mind:

a) King has really burned a lot of bridges lately, referring to Ted Cruz and his efforts to stoke obstruction in the house as nothing less than “governmental terrorism;” as well as King's previous disgust with his Republican colleagues' playing politics with Hurricane Sandy relief. It's quite possible that, after all of his blustering and seething at the current puppet-masters in the house—those approximately 40 to 80 Republicans who are forcing Speaker John Boehner to do everything they tell him to do, or lose his job, that King has very little choice but to switch. King hasn't exactly enhanced the possibility of his gaining any influence within the Republican ranks of the House. At this point, he may figure he has little to lose (although he would give up whatever perks he may now get as being part of the majority caucus).

b) Even if King decides to become a Democrat, the larger question is do we Democrats really want him? While it would be great to have one less Republican't in the House, King is not exactly the type of Republican who we want. He's hot-headed and unpredictable. And, worst of all, despite all of his blather about being so upset with Republicans, he still votes with them most of the time. In other words, he doesn't exactly bring any great degree of credibility with him to the Democratic Party.

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