I was struck by an article from AP in which the Midwest Republican Governors, among them Michigan's Rick Snyder, were pleading with the electorate not to blame them for the government shutdown.  It seems the Gubernatorial cowards are scared that the public's dissatisfaction with the way the Republican Congress is running America into the ground will rub off on them.


   They are responsible for the shutdown
     They should be held to account

     Here's why;    These Republican Governors, Rick Snyder (Mi), Scott Walker (Wi), John Kasich (Oh), Terry Branstad (Ia) and Tom Corbett (Pa) are the very people who signed anti-democratic redistricting (gerrymandering) legislation in their states that has caused the problems we now face.

     These Governors along with their brethren in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Kansas and New Hampshire continue to enact legislation in concert with their stacked Legislatures to suppress the rights of voters to form a small d democratic federal government.

    These guys who would like it if you would please not link them in with the sociopathic Republican Congress that has shut down the Federal Government and now threatens to default causing a global financial crisis.

    These guys who have watered at the trough of big money from the likes of Charles and David Koch and Art pope and Sheldon Adelson and others have caused this problem and they most assuredly should be held to account for it.

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