The metaphors are coming fast and furious.  We've all heard the one about burning down the house, if not that, the 2nd floor, if not that the garage - "...why don't you compromise...?", etc.

And then the one about "... I'll shoot you. No? How about your wife? No? How about your Grandmother....", etc.

Well, the epitome in the art of the metaphor is the political cartoon and I have one to offer, but unfortunately, I'm no artist.  

So, cartoonists, be my guest. It's below the dysfunctional dotted line.

Three panel comic:

Panel #1: Boehner holding gun at Obama's head, saying: "Pretty-please? Give us SOMETHING, at least, or I'll shoot".

Panel #2: Obama: "Absolutely NOT!"

Panel #3 Boehner turns gun on himself and pulls the trigger.

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