Talk about wanting it both ways.  Because President Obama and the Dems haven't caved into their demands over the debt ceiling, and because they don't want the economy to tank while they're using it as a threat, the GOP is out in full force claiming now that a default wouldn't be a big deal at all.  

So if it's not a big deal - than why do they use it as their ultimate leverage?  Obviously they know it's terrible results, and knows that President Obama and the Dems know, so want to threaten Obama and Dems with it, but don't want to be seen threatening great hurt on the American and World economies by using it - so they tell their rubes that it's really not a big deal.  

They're literally wanting it both ways - and the MSM doesn't seem to all out such a glaring inconsistency.  

Either it's really bad consequences and Obama better cave in "negotiations" because he has no choice, or it's not all that bad in which case how did they expect to get that leaked laundry list of demands in the first place?  

And the GOP is so damn short-sighted here, because if they recognize and accept that it is really bad and Pres Obama and the Dem's don't blink (God, I hope they don't), it means the GOP will (hopefully) have to cave on October 16th and get nothing in return (or very little) at which point their voters will be pissed at them for caving at all given the consequences of the fall out - they were told by the same GOP - were minimal.   Boehner and the GOP are setting themselves up for a huge backlash to seemingly try to buy time now.  

Either it's very bad, or it isn't.   But they want it both ways.  It's bad so the President should give in to all these GOP demands, but it's not bad so if America defaults it's not a big deal.  So essentially if you take their claims at face value they're demanding extreme concessions from the President for a result that if happened wouldn't be a big deal at all.  

Why would they think that would work?

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