Someone once described Akido to me as the polite martial art.  If someone punches in your direction, it is incredibly rude to get in the way of the punch, you should move out of the way and even help make their punch faster by tugging on their arm.
Perhaps Obama should concede the Republican argument that he doesn't have to raise the debt ceiling, and say, in essence, "OK, so you gave me two conflicting laws, I get to decide which to follow."
But how?  See below the break.

If Obama were to announce today that Rand Paul is correct, there is no need to raise the debt limit, but since congress gave him a spending bill that directs him to spend more money than the debt limit allows, unless he gets a clean CR and debt limit increase, it is up to him and the Secretary of the Treasury to prioritize payments, and to direct which departments reduce spending.
Then he should tell the American people, in the same speech, that we currently spend $666 Billion on the Military, and less than $600 Billion on everything else in the discretionary budget.  The current deficit is about $666 Billion.  There is only one solution.


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