The carcass of an elephant which was killed after drinking poisoned water, lies near a water hole in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, about 840 km (522 miles) east of Harare, September 27, 2013.  REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo
Almost there...
And the hits to the GOP keep on coming, this time from Gallup:
With the Republican-controlled House of Representatives engaged in a tense, government-shuttering budgetary standoff against a Democratic president and Senate, the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by 28% of Americans, down from 38% in September. This is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992.
You know that little kid at the mall, on the floor, kicking and screaming because he can't get the toy that he wants? You notice how little he cares that people are staring at him with open disgust? That's the modern GOP.

And if it leads to losing the House in 2014, well, they're fine with that too! Because there is nothing more important to them than throwing a temper tantrum over a law they can't change by democratic (or even terroristic) means.

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