In September 2011, Quality Software Solutions Inc (QSSI) was awarded a contract under which it was tasked with erecting the federal data services hub that will serve as the foundation for the federal health insurance exchanges part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). QSSI at this time was a private company. In September, 2012, QSSI was purchased by a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.

Political contributions from a company are not made for 'good looks' of the candidate. They have a purpose to shape public policy decisions, as stated in the "2012 Political Contributions & Related Activity Report" of UnitedforHealthPAC, which is the PAC associated with UnitedHealth Group.

Now let's look at the breakout of contributions of UnitedforHealthPAC 2012 related to US federal contributions: Senate, House and Party Committees. 58% Republican and 42% Democratic. Thus the majority of the funds went to Republicans.

Just a reminder to Republicans- one of your big contributors is the owner of the company building the ACA exchanges.

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