Received this e-mail from State Senator Barbara Buono's (D. NJ) campaign:

At Tuesday night's debate, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono stood up for New Jersey's LGBT community, asserting that marriage equality is a fundamental human right. As the mother of an openly gay daughter, Senator Buono took Governor Christie to task for standing on the wrong side of history and blocking marriage equality in the Garden State.

"My daughter, who is openly gay, is not a political agenda," she declared.

The unfortunate reality is that LGBT New Jerseyans are not treated equally in Chris Christie's New Jersey. That's because Governor Christie has gone to great lengths to block marriage equality. First, he vetoed marriage equality legislation. And now, his administration is appealing a Superior Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

His opposition to marriage equality sharply contrasts with a majority of New Jerseyans who believe marriage equality should be legal. And make no mistake: New Jerseyans have had enough of Governor Christie's shameful attempts to deny all New Jerseyans the right to marry.

The choice this November is crystal clear: Senator Buono is the only candidate who will ensure LGBT New Jerseyans are treated equally under the law.

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NJ’s Barbara Buono Slams Gov. Chris Christie On Same-Sex Marriage
The New Civil Rights Movement
At last night’s New Jersey gubernatorial debate, Democrat Barbara Buono slammed Republican Chris Christie. Buono, whose daughter is lesbian, is running against the incumbent governor. Speaking about his often-repeated position that same-sex marriage should be placed on the ballot — rather than voted on in the state legislature — so majority rule can decide the rights of gay people, Christie defended his comments. “I trust the people of New Jersey to make this judgment. I don’t trust 121 politicians with political agendas,” Christie told Buono. “My daughter, who is openly gay, is not a political agenda,” Buono responded.

Challenger Slams Christie For Opposing Marriage Equality: My Daughter Is Not A Political Agenda
By Zack Ford//Think Progress
At Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) squared off against his opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono (D) on a number of issues, including marriage equality. Buono challenged Christie on comments he made at a diner earlier in the day, suggesting same-sex marriage was an issue no different than guns or taxes. He was disagreeing with a voter who described it as a human rights issue and he told her that not even a gay friend or family member could sway him on the matter. In the debate, Christie replied that he saw the issue as just a “political agenda”:

Buono to Christie on gay marriage: ‘My daughter is not a political agenda’
LGBTQ Nation
… During Tuesday night’s debate, Christie dismissed the issue of same-sex marriage as a “political agenda:”
Buono: Governor, show a profile in courage and do the right thing for our sons and our daughters, our brothers and our sisters. This is a human right and it really should not be on the ballot. We should not have the majority of the people decide the minority’s rights. It’s just wrong.
Christie: Thirty-five other states — 35 of the 50 — have put this question on the ballot, and so the idea that this should never be on the ballot is something that is against what 35 other states have done. I trust the people of New Jersey to make this judgment. I don’t trust 121 politicians with political agendas…
Buono: My daughter, who is openly gay, is not a political agenda.

Well said.  You can click here to donate or get involved with Buono's campaign:


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