This may be common knowledge for most at Daily Kos. But our country's deficit as a percentage of GDP is falling like a rock. Provided the GOP doesn't continue it's path toward destroying the economy, it will continue to fall. The deficit is smaller now than it was when Obama was first elected.

During this shutdown we are hearing the repetitive mantra of how our spending is out of control. That we have to rein in the deficit.

It's important for us all to correct our republican friends and colleagues on this. It's amazing how few people realize that the deficit has been shrinking, not getting worse.

To see information on this, you can forward non-believers to this link: What People (Don’t) Know About The Deficit. Unfortunately as soon as you say the name "Paul Krugman" you likely will have been discounted before you get halfway through his last name.  

If they are somewhat logical with numbers, you can instead steer them towards the CBO's (Congressional Budget Office) website.  

Looking at the CBO website, you need to remind them that the deficit is the difference between revenue and outlays. Looking at that graph, it's also interesting to point out to them that every time on the graph outlays spiked, and revenues dropped, it was when a republican was in the white house. They sure have been sound fiscal managers.

Both of these links are a couple of months old. But outside of recent political drama, the picture hasn't changed.

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