It's true. I know it seems Disneyfied and silly, but think about it. A wish, something you want so badly that every bit of you yearns for it, is a magical thing.

I had a wish. I just recently remembered it. I think I've been so busy with other things it got lost, but I'll share it with you now. Keep moving on that treadmill, dancing with your friends, or whatever movement you like best, and I'll join you over the pumpkin ghost to share it.

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No, don't sit down!

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That's better.

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I believed it would take a miracle. I wanted desperately to be in the best shape I could be in. And it didn't work.

Well, not at first. That's how I got my hip bursitis. I walked so much at a high weight that it hurt me. So that scared me off. I locked into despair and believed I couldn't lose the weight.

But that wish was a powerful thing, wasn't it? It tickled the back of my mind even as I lost hope, and as I saw my mother-in-law getting sicker. So I tried again, but I tricked myself. Like the fairy stories where the hero-woman tricks the imp, I told my mind that I was going to prove that diets don't work, but back there that wish kept hold and stubbornly whispered that I wanted it to.

They pulled back and forth, though, my skepticism and my wish. So even when I'd lost at least sixty pounds, as here, my mind still sometimes told me I wasn't actually losing weight.

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Which is why I do my best to notice everything I can about how much weight I've lost. My wish got me this far, past 120 pounds of weight loss. But it needs support, and I get it wherever I can. I get it in stores, where I joyfully note that my measurements put me in "small" size Halloween costumes. I get it by looking at my reflection and telling myself yes, that's really me.

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I notice when my smaller-size clothing gets bigger on me. I join communities, smile at people, take pride in my smaller appearance, and work hard to reinforce that this really is who I am now. I even take joy in seeing that there's a kind of candy I can have again, looking at the serving size, and being appalled at how big it is (okay, okay, it's Starburst).

Your wish is powerful, too. I know. You may be experiencing a failure right now, just like I did earlier. But don't let that wish die. Let it retreat into the back of your mind if you need to. Heal if you need to. Rail against the unfairness of the world if you must.

Because I know that next time around, you can do it. After all, I did. And I'm increasing the exercise I do even now, getting into even better shape. We can do it.

Because we are powerful, and our wishes are, too.

Scale says 138. Let us know how we can empower you this morning!

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