This is all I have, but it looks like just another ransom note:

WASHINGTON (AP) — AP Sources: House GOP offers debt limit hike, end to shutdown in package with spending cuts.

Now, the AP is not all that credible lately, but if true, the President will not budge.  No negotiations with economic terrorists.    

I believe we may have to experience economic meltdown to end "extortion politics."

This is a war for our democracy.  The President understands it.  Just as with the Civil War, the enemies of America will have to be defeated.  

Update I: AP reported this an hour ago and so far they are the only report.  If there is any confirmation or debunking, I'll bring it.

Update II:  From cosmic debris in the comments, quoting Bloomberg News:

House Republicans offered a plan to raise the U.S. debt limit and end a partial government shutdown that would require the president to accept policy conditions attached to a spending measure, said two congressional aides.
Republicans sent a list of policy options to the White House, following a meeting yesterday, said the aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity. President Barack Obama has insisted that he wouldn’t accept any conditions for reopening the government, which has been partially shut for 11 days after Republicans sought changes to the 2010 health care law.

House Republicans also want Obama to agree to a framework for future negotiations on fiscal and health care policy. If that happens, the House could vote as soon as today on pushing the lapse of U.S. borrowing authority to Nov. 22 from Oct. 17, according to the aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private offer.

Update III:

Why there may be no choice but to fight, even if many of us will be economic causalities

For House Republicans, the fight over the debt ceiling isn't just about fiscal reform. The battle that spawned a government shutdown is also very much about preserving the GOP majority's relevance in future policy debates. [...]

Republicans are concerned that the refusal of President Obama and Senate Democrats to negotiate those issues with Republicans would establish a precedent making it impossible to haggle over future debt limit increases or to use them as leverage in other policy negotiations. [...]

Surrounded by a hostile White House and Senate, and with few legislative avenues beyond borrowing and spending bills to impose their agenda, Republicans said capitulating to Obama would cede to Democrats the only institutional authority Republicans possess.

These House Republican lawmakers are saying they want to make catastrophic threats a normal part of contemporary politics, and justify this extremism by saying voters haven't left them any choice.
Maddow Blog (quoting national Journal)

Many Republican House members want to normalize this.  It already is, because we had extortion in 2011 and 2013.  

No more.  We must make them unconditionally surrender or kill the hostage and see their support evapaorate from 24%.  

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