So my wife and I wear talking before bed last night about the royal mess of things that the Republicans have made.  The shutdown, the debt ceiling, and of course their failure to stop Obamacare.

We are mostly unaffected by the ACA, as we are both employed, and both have insurance available to us through our employers.  But we have been concerned by the less than stellar roll-out of the exchanges just about everywhere.

A little more below:

But what about Kentucky? By all accounts, that is going quite smoothly, and it is largely to the credit of Democratic Gov Steve Beshear.

My wife and I are already pre-sold on Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 (in fact, I did some volunteering for her back in her failed 2008 primary campaign), but she will need a running mate.  Conventional Wisdom generally dictates that a Presidential ticket include people from different parts of the country, and a NY-KY might be just what the country ordered.  And with the most successful ACA exchange rollout on his resume, he is looking awfully attractive to me.

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