With the Republican crap-storm seeming to envelop the whole nation, my curiosity was aroused as to what kind of drivel they are now serving up over at Red State. Am glad for doing so. It's quite interesting. And entertaining.

Eric Erickson, founder of the site, has an article about how the Republicans need to stick to their original plan of making this all about holding Obamacare hostage. He  must not have gotten their memos that they have gone from that to a number of different things, most recently their demand that the president negotiate with them over entitlement cuts, etc., etc. (It would be interesting if someone who has been keeping track could actually share with everyone exactly how many different ransom notes and how many different demands Republicans have made in exchange for doing their jobs).


So...we know that Erickson wants them to stand firm...on something Republicans gave up on more than a week ago. Of course his rationale is exquisite, as well: “Because the GOP has gone from being not liked to being not liked” (Obviously, Mr. Erickson doesn't know the difference between being “not liked” and being “detested,” as in...the Republicans have gone from being “not liked” to being “detested” by most Americans.)

In any case...Erickson says conservatives need to keep the fight squarely on Obamacare (he really should send his Republican colleagues a memo to that effect...so they can get on the same page).

But, more interesting are some of the comments about Erickson's article:

...the very first comment is relatively mild, noting in a blase way that GOP Senators have decided they've had enough.

...the second comment declares that Rand Paul is no longer one of them. You read that correctly. Apparently, Rand Paul has now “joined the elite” and is a “turncoat.” It looks like the crackpot brigade in the Senate has gone from three (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul & Mike Lee) to two (Cruz & Lee).

...another commenter is pissed at the notion of some Republicans wanting to delay Obamacare when they should still be insisting on something they haven't insisted on for quite a while now: defunding Obamacare.

...and, of course, as ever, they want that “old coot” McCain to retire as soon as possible

..and that the GOP has “sold out”

...of course...then there are the “delusionaries” piping in with things like.... “we are in not too bad a position right now” (if that poster thinks the right is not in a bad position right now, it would be interesting to learn what they think a bad position might be).

...someone else is demanding the numbers for how many people have signed up for healthcare through the exchanges so far (there are a number of stories out today about that...so...they must not be looking very hard)

Just thought this report on what's going on at Red State might be a little...uplifting, for the lack of a better term (hint...they are getting redder and redder over there...and not in a good way).

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