Why am I so worried about the current lunacy going on in Washington right now?  I've been trying to figure out why the whole schtick feels different this time.  It's gone beyond the normal liberal/conservative back and forth.  It doesn't seem to be a clearly defined specific problem, it morphs and changes daily,  and it seems to have metastasized into something much, much bigger, scarier and, I hate to say this, but more effective for republican lunatics than it ever has been before. They might very well be winning, if their goal is to destroy our society. That's because they've figured out how to attack democracy's immune system: Majority Rule.  Please read on.......  

The way I've come to look at what's happening now is this:  Just like the human body, our system of government has an immune system.  Our society's immune system is a concept that has worked for many years, and has been tested numerous times: the most obvious test of which was "the recent unpleasantness", otherwise known as the Civil War (1861-????).  Majority Rule, with protections provided for minority factions, is our "immune system". It's the one concept that almost everyone could agree on in the past.  If you get the majority behind you, you get to run the show.  Effectively weaken or kill the majority rule feature of our democracy, and you will weaken or kill our Constitution.  And make no mistake about it, our collective political immune system is under attack, right now, and, in military terms, they've swung our right flank, and have started to roll it up: NOT GOOD.  Just consider the following:

The House of Representatives is a good example.  Apparently, across all seats in the House, more Americans voted for Democrats than Republicans, but Republicans have the majority.  Now, exactly how does that work?  Easy: gerrymandering.  This has been particularly effective in my home state of Texas, and is so perniciously strong that there are few (if any) really contested seats across the entire state.  That has kept the abomination of Rick Perry's administration in power for years.  I know the current buzz in Texas is that our Latino population growth will somehow save us as the demographics change.  My advice is, don't hold your breath: you'll turn blue a lot sooner than Texas will.  Just let the perfect storm of voter purges, home schooling and Obama demonization hook up with the gerrymandered districts, and you will never even see Texas purple up.

Combine the "House effect", that is, a minority of a minority being able to assert it's will on the whole government and country, with Republican leaders that hide behind such concepts as the Hastert Rule, and you have a serious Constitutional crisis in the making.  The irony is that, while government's first priority is to preserve its existence, that very government is paying (facilitating) the tea party members which want to destroy it.  

Democracy's Immune System Is Under Serious Attack!  Will we survive this test?  Will we develop an effective tactic in time?  Stick around, I guess......

And, by the way, this whole thing just really pisses me off!

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