Over at Redstate they are announcing the fight is over

Republican leaders in Washington, DC are signaling they will cave on the fight against Obamacare.

Heck, they are signaling they are caving on everything.

What do they want as a result? Revenge.

Isn’t it interesting that when Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint were touring America to fight against Obamacare, the popularity of the GOP was going up and the popularity of Obamacare was going down.
Err, no. Links please or did not happen.
But now that John Boehner and the Orange Man Group of Capitol Hill are the faces of the GOP, Obamacare’s popularity is going back up and the GOP’s popularity is going back down.
Yeah the guy who lost you the house in terms of electoral vote but kept the majority because of gerrymandering is actually unpopular.
GOP Leaders, by caving, are signaling they want us to primary them.

I am happy to help.

I have just given money to Heritage Action for America.

I have just given money to Senate Conservatives Fund.

Hey Heritage and Senate Conservatives Fund also have books to sell with naked pictures of Saint Ronald of the Raygun.

Shutting down the government of the United States of America because you lost an election was the dumbest thing you could ever do especially when Fox gives you a lot of free dumb talking points.

This was a fools errand that has got millions of government workers into debt because of a delusion. Even Gramps says so.


Great news for John Mccain

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