Nevertheless one that gave me and my husband a measure of satisfaction.  

As he is looking thru yesterday's mail, there is an envelop addressed to him in big capital letters from the Heritage Foundation Christie Fogarty .  I said to him that is from the banana republicans think tank, where former Senator Jim DeMint when to work as the head honcho, to make sure that among other things Obamacare (ACA) is President Obama Armageddon.  You all have to remember that was one of the threat's he publicly threw at the President back I think in 2010.  

That threat, given to our President with such casual animosity made an impression on me and never forgotten it.  

So to the matter at hand I said to my husband, this is probably propaganda and to ask for money, I opened the envelop and sure enough, two (2) page letter ranting and raving about the shutdown, whose fault it is (Obama), and of course lets help the cause to obliterate Obamacare. Lo and behold a yellow sticker was attached to it, with a personal note from none other than the Banana Republican chief honcho DeMint.

My husband said to me why don't you respond to it with a donation, he always returns the self address envelop, postage free stamped back to them, and writes a big fat zero (0) where they are asking how much to donate "for the cause".  

Now I know what I wrote was a petty gesture on my part, but boy it gave me great satisfaction to do it.  The donations were for $35.00 or Other, I checked marked other and I wrote write next to it "$FU.00", and on the back where payment information is to be filled out I printed "I love Obamacare = ACA".

I know my fellow Kosacks, a petty and probably futile action on my part, but when I picture in my mind some "poor" deluded - brainwashed banana republican, opening that letter and asking around the office what currency $FU.00 is, what can I say I just could not help myself.

Sometimes in trying or difficult times a little levity is always in order.  

Peace and Forward!!!

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