So, our rose bush in Philadelphia is blooming in mid-October, and back in February a tree across the street (no idea what kind, but it had white spring flowers), well, it bloomed in February.  

Why do I have to watch the world literally heating up in front of my eyes and pretend it isn't happening?  Why does the T.V. news give a weather report every 10 minutes in the morning?  And why does that report have to be so detailed, giving every scrap of information about humidity, rain, local temperatures in various parts of town, but without giving any such detailed attention to major, life-changing stories?

A few days ago, it was 90 degrees in Philadelphia, and humid, in October.  This is not normal.  Yet, everyone was happy to talk about how "nice" the weather was.

And people seem to love "mild" weather here, and across the country, particularly when it comes to winter.  

The problem seems to be that people want to be physically comfortable, to have customized weather that suits them, their own personal preferences.  And if having that that means we must warm the entire planet, even to perhaps apocalyptic levels, then so be it, people seem to think.  So we have hot Octobers and flowering Februaries in the North.  But, on the one day it might snow, so many people this winter will scoff at it, saying "ha, global warming; what a lie".

I say: if you want warm weather, move to Florida, or someplace else.  Don't destroy the planet so New York or Philadelphia has something like a more convenient average temperature.  

But, of course, it's impolite to mention such things.  

I swear, if Global Warming were instead causing a widespread cooling of the earth, if the average Joe and Jane faced the threat of ever colder summers and longer winters, we would already have solved this problem.  At least our household is carbon-neutral, and I am not going to pretend any longer that summertime weather in October is "lovely" or that "mild" winter weather is okay.  

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