When you are wrong,
a true friend and ally will tell you the truth.
I am an expert at being wrong,
a master of error.
If I am wrong, tell me.

We may disagree but still trust.
Our hearts can get around disagreement.
We can see past minutia gone astray.
We can arrive at order in the details
and discover what is essential in the fine print.

I'm not as wrong as I once was.
I haven't forgotten or forgiven as completely as I might have.
Bitterness and outrage are like chunks of lead.
They may be useful, but they are hard to lug around
and if you swallow them, they will poison you.

Sooner or later, you have to put them down.

Geese get up and fly away.
They never argue about the weather or the food.
When it's time, they run across the stubble
or even run across the water
and flap their wings goodbye.

Bears don't complain about the accommodations.
They find a big, deep hole
They climb in and go to sleep.
They never set the alarm.
They lay down and conk out no matter who was right or wrong..

I have lost sleep over things I cannot change.
There were slights, insults and tedious errors.
Forgive. Go on from this and grow out of your rage.
Allow yourself to be forgiven.
Be willing to be pleased.

I could do or say nothing to sooth his pain,
so I sat and listened.
I shared her pain and mine seemed less piercing.
I am human
and I must do
what I can do
when I can do it.
If I do less than that,
then I will be
less human than I ought to be
and it all begins in humble forgiveness.

Originally posted to ruleoflaw on Sat Oct 12, 2013 at 08:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, Rebel Songwriters, Kitchen Table Kibitzing, and J Town.

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