Brace for a compromise to the shutdown / debt ceiling “crisis” which could give away more than progressive democrats would like.

But trust senate majority leader Harry Reid on this one.  Reid may be inarticulate but he’s a tough inside fighter.  The former boxer knows that democrats are well ahead on points and that it’s a good time to end the match and take the decision.

Republican antics have caused a dynamic shift in voter attitudes, putting the house back in play in next year’s midterm and giving democrats an edge in key senate races.

Expect Reid to hammer out a deal with minority leader Mitch McConnell which speaker John Boehner will send to the floor for a vote.

And give Barack Obama credit for being resolute; resisting his tendency to flinch and buckle.

So with the republicans looking unsteady and unstable, we’re in very good shape to kick their ass in 2014.

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