A few days ago, Canadian authorities announced that Michael Sean Stanley, a sex offender from Edmonton who has a long history of molesting women and children, had somehow slipped past a nationwide dragnet and entered the United States via the border crossing at Blaine, Washington.  Last night, however, the Alberta government announced it won't ask for him to be extradited to face charges for cutting off the electronic bracelet he's had to wear since being released from prison two years earlier.

A spokesman for Alberta's justice department said in a statement on Saturday that although Michael Stanley has a criminal record of violent offences, the charges he is currently wanted for aren't severe enough to justify asking American authorities to turn him over.

"Mr. Stanley is not currently charged with any offences of violence in Canada," Dan Laville said in an email Saturday evening. "The charges currently against him do not typically warrant engaging the extradition process. We advised our federal counterparts of the decision (Saturday) afternoon."

More on this from CBC News here:

Frankly, this decision is incomprehensible, in light of the fact that the authorities were concerned enough to call him a significant risk to the public after learning he'd cut off his electronic bracelet in Lloydminster, a city that straddles both sides of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  Several school districts also went into lockdown after hearing he might be in the area.  Ordinarily, the charges Stanley now faces would not be enough to merit extradition.  But you're talking about a guy with what has been described as "a horrendous record" dating back to 1987, and has a severe personality disorder.  If there was ever a case for an exception, this is it.

Stanley apparently holds dual American and Canadian citizenship, so he was able to get across the border after no charges turned up on his record.  As a result, the U.S. Marshal's Office isn't tracking him.

However, according to CTV Edmonton, Canadian authorities are working with their counterparts in the States to keep an eye on Stanley.

Edmonton’s Police Service (EPS) said they take direction from the Crown on the matter and support the decision.

Warrants issued after Stanley removed his tracking bracelet will remain in effect and if he returns to Canada he will be arrested, they added.

“The EPS has been liaising and sharing information with Seattle Police, US Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security and US Marshalls to ensure the agencies have all the information necessary to help minimize the potential risk that Mr. Stanley may pose to their communities,” the statement continued.

Now that Alberta has decided not to extradite him, this is all that can be done legally.  But that's cold comfort to at least one child advocate in Edmonton.
Child Advocate and founder of Little Warriors, Glori Meldrum, said she believed that it was just a matter of time before Stanley reoffended.

“He is a serial child molester. So, it is just a matter of time before he gets another kid.”

She also said she was appalled by the inaction of authorities to extradite him.  

“Our kids are our kids. It doesn’t matter if they live in Thailand, if they live in Canada, if they live in the U.S. they are children. And whatever it takes to protect those little kids, that is what should be done.

“There is nothing more valuable than our kids.”

My thoughts exactly.  And if a child does get harmed by this guy here in the States, Alberta Premier Alison Redford needs to be held responsible for punting on this one.
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