This is a short commentary since I'm writing it with a Nook typing one letter at a time... Why is everybody talking about the Republican nut-jobs, teabaggers, and the assorted racist, white supremacists, and religious crackpots that make up the right wing?

And I mean, everybody! Every Lefty website, every mainstream news media organization, every commentator, they all seem to be talking about the Republicans, nonstop, analyzing them, trying to make sense about their actions, trying to deconstruct their agenda, their motives,their thinking.

I've mentioned this in some of my previous diaries, but I really have no interest about the Republicans. Why? Because I long ago realized they were basically honest-to-goodness nut-job crazies. I realized that they were on a quest to destroy what is left of our democratic system of government; that they were nihilists, end-of-days dead-enders.

In short I came to view them the same way I would an insane person spreading feces on a wall. What is there to say?

That's why I rather focus on what the sane people are going to do in response to their feces-spreading-on-walls. What is the best course of action when dealing with these type of nut-jobs? How do you negotiate with crazy people who see the results of their own actions as a sign of the end of times? Or who think that plunging the country into a possible economic depression as a necessary slimming down?

And so, as hard as it may be, I'll continue bypassing reading anything about the latest dastardly act by these Republican cretins and instead will be watching what president Obama, and Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi do in response. As much as I criticize them for being overly influenced by corporatist cartels and Wall Street, at least I know for a fact they are not crazy.


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