For those of you who are elections junkies and just can't get enough, you're probably familiar with Dave Leip's Atlas which contains elections results for things like statewide federal and gubernatorial races for many years. However, that website unfortunately only has publicly available results by county in most instances and also avoids many races for downballot offices like commissioner of agriculture. You might also know that Daily Kos Elections, an official subsite of Daily Kos, has calculated the 2012 presidential election by the 435 US House of Representatives districts and is currently working on doing the same for the state legislatures' districts. For my own interest, I've compiled all of these bits of data as well as my own calculations and any missing results for *all partisan statewide elections from president down to utilities commissioner with at least one Democrat and one Republican running in the following:

1. By County 2006-Present (plus 2004 pres) for every state - exact data from the state elections board/relevant office
2. By Congressional District 2006-present (some states lack earlier years)
3. By State Legislative District 2012, all years where available
4. By State level Supreme Court or executive board district, such as the Board of Education in states where such bodies elect members by district
5. By Precinct in 2010 or 2012 for select states
6. As well as the 2010 census demographics for most constituencies, based on either official numbers from the state redistricting body or from DRA where we now have maps for almost everything

Additionally I've included the 2012 election result for the particular office by district if that office is also partisan, so the page with the statewide elections by congressional district will also have the congressional election results for those districts, while those for the legislative districts will instead have the state legislature results, etc. Note that races are presented with the two party only vote shares/totals in the vast majority of cases, except when there was a major third party/independent candidate who either won or drew strongly from one candidate as was the case in Maine in 2010 and 2012.

Each state has a separate excel file which you can download individually or view in google here and the files themselves are sorted into pages by district type with a summary page giving you the demographics, last election result for the office, 2012 president, and the downballot average, while the detailed page gives you the race by race breakdown for each district/county(/town for New England) both by vote share with with winner highlighted and raw vote count. For example, here is a preview of the summary and detailed pages for Colorado's State House of Representatives:

 photo COHouse1_zps94693968.png

 photo COHouse2_zps759cf18e.png

I will be regularly updating these as the team at DKE calculates new numbers for the 2012 congressional and state legislative districts as well as anytime there is a new statewide partisan election or a general election for the legislature/congress (not special elections). I will also eventually upload these as google spreadsheets eventually once I figure out a formatting I like, but for now you can just bookmark the link or find it in my signature if you're a regular DKE comment reader.

These 50 state by state files are also in addition to the broader 113th Congress Guide which lists every single House and Senate member with a pronunciation guide, their district demographic data, and election data summary of their last election result, 2008/2012 president, and the multi-year downballot average for their district.

Both of these can be found in my signature and I'll announce in the DKE comments anytime there's a major update to a state file, such as new data calculations for 2010 for a state legislative chamber, a general election for congress/state legislature, etc, etc.

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