What was supposed to be an apolitical get-together, in DC and at memorials around the country, Raphael and Caribou Barbie crawled out from under a rock. I'm almost too pissed to construct a coherent though, walk with me..

As a veteran, even when I seethed with hatred at Dubya, he was still the Commander-in-Chief. Would have I stood outside of his home, the White House, and hollared like a fool? No. I did not like him, his policies, his brain trust. His hair. But my time in the Army taught me to respect the rank, even if...

So in walks these fuckheads to turn a solemn protest into a photo-op. They, and the bizarre echelon of nihilists, traitors, and bastards guilty of seditious acts against the United States of America, have done ENOUGH against the men and women in uniform.

I don't have anything to do with the Million Veterans March. I'm not even real sure what its about, but it doesn't seem like my style. But they are my brothers and sisters. Always.

They posted a statement. http://1mvetmarch.wordpress.com/



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