If you have not read Jennifer Rubin's Official Most Execrable Column Ever, entitled "Opportunity Cost," in which she brilliantly determines the guilty party in the government shutdown, don't bother. Allow me to sum it up for you.

She starts with the story of the teacher in New York who was caught inappropriately touching a child and given minimal punishment by the school system's arbitrators.

Hold on, I know what you're thinking. Tuck that "WTF" back in your mouth. Ms. R explains:

The point is not that all arbitrators or teachers are bad, but that the Democratic Party, similarly, has not managed the institutions of government well and has not acted in the interests of those it is supposed to be serving.
Still not clear? Yeah, I understand.

Ms. R's principal argument is that Democrats did such a bad job designing and launching Obamacare that they are like abettors of child sexual abuse, shielding the perps (the Republicans who co-crafted the ACA and who've managed the institutions of government for 20 of the last 33 years, I assume, though Ms. R declined to square that rhetorical circle) like bishops hiding pedophile priests.

You see, Democrats (and their evil, union allies) are so in love with government (and unions) that they'll conceal its failings to promote more of it, unlike Republicans, who care only for real solutions like...

...school vouchers?

This can be attributed to the power of special interests (e.g. unions) or simply to slothful neglect. But this is a place where Republicans — if they are not destroying themselves and convincing the voters they are a bunch of crazy people — can offer better alternatives. The GOP can be the party of school choice and excellence, of improved health care for the poor and for upward mobility for all Americans.
Ah, yes. We all remember the GOP standard bearer's vow to improve health care for the poor and provide upward mobility for all Americans. All 53% of them.

That Jennifer Rubin has written a column blaming Democrats for everything evil under the sun or the Dome and promised that everything would be perfect if America simply adopted the entire GOP agenda, whatever that might be at publication time, should surprise no one.

That she should choose as her centerpiece analogy a story of abused kids wholly unrelated to the issue she's discussing marks a dreadful low for one of the single least respected hacks in media.

Mr. Bezos, if you are serious about turning your new venture around, I suggest you start your reduction-in-force list at the Rs.

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