Here's what Politcal is reporting as the deal.

Like it or not, here's what they say.

The plan under consideration would require larger bicameral budget negotiations to conclude by Dec. 13, sources said. Republicans would win a provision to force Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary, to certify that individuals receiving Obamacare subsidies meet the required income levels. The department’s inspector general would later have to conduct an audit on the matter.
Democrats would win a labor union priority to delay for one year an Obamacare reinsurance tax, which was supposed to be levied against most insurance plans to help spread the risk for insurers who take on the sickest patients next year. Delaying the fee — $63 per person covered by an insurance plan per year — could amount to a significant boon to unions.
Doesn't look like any replacement revenue, which could lead to underfunding of Obamacare.
Under the plan, the government would be funded at $986 billion until Jan. 15, the same day that a $21 billion across-the-board sequestration cut is slated to take place. Indeed, by aligning the government funding fight with the date that the next sequester is supposed to hit, it all but ensures a heated fight over whether to continue the unpopular cuts in the new year. Doing so would lower 2014 funding levels to $967 billion, a level far too low for many Democrats.

The plan would give the Treasury Department the ability to use “extraordinary measures” to effectively delay a potential default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by Feb. 7, sources say. And by extending the debt ceiling until the beginning of next year, it would put the issue in the center of the heated 2014 midterm elections.

I'm still trying to figure out what the Democrats are getting out of this deal.

So, whatta ya think?

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