The notion that large swaths of low information voters are being duped into a "good versus evil" narrative on just about every vote is missing what’s at the heart of the issue.

Yes, voters want to be happy and will vote to better their interests.  And yes, there is an overly simplistic narrative that works well for reflexive, right wing, neo-liberterian ideology.  But the reason the masses fall for it isn’t because they just want to be happy, it’s because they don’t know any better.


The problem is people can’t think critically for themselves.  This makes them susceptible to trashy TV news propaganda and ultimately, unable to vote for their own interests. If we want people to vote for progressive ideas, we need to raise standards and fix the eroded education system. And if we don’t develop critical thought process through our education institutions then we can’t expect much in return.

I suppose it’s a chicken and egg argument though since public education expansion will need to be voted in first. But make no mistake, this is the real problem. It’s gotten to a point where creationists are writing text books and people don’t know who won the civil war.

What difference does it make which basic impulse they’re voting with?

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