The date for the debt ceiling breach is 17Oct13.  Assuming the financial markets start tanking in reaction to the breach, which boundary condition (Engineering and math term) applies?  Is the debt ceiling breached on midnight 16Oct13? Does this mean the markets tank on the trading day of 17Oct13? Alternatively, if the breach is on 17Oct13 at midnight, then will the markets tank on the Friday, 18Oct13?  

Tanking on 18Oct13 will precipitate a cascade of tanking world markets through the weekend.  Will it motivate the Republicans to stand down?

Why am I asking?  Just wondering how much pain the world trading markets will manifest before the house Republicans realize their tea party magical thinking is just that, a delusion and the media conservative bubble pops once again (since the 2012 election).

BTW, I just moved my meager(sub $20k) IRA Schwab mutual funds to a cash account until this blows over.  I don't think the tea party Republicans will relent until Koch money starts working to defeat Tea Party candidates.  I do think even Koch money will be hurt by breaching the debt ceiling.

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