Today the Senate made a deal.

And Boehner broke that deal. AGAIN.

He said he didn't have the votes. That is a LIE.

There are 200 or so Democrats in the House of Representative who would end this shutdown right now, but John Boehner wants to pretend that they do not exist.

John Boehner is denying tens of millions of Americans their right to representation in the House of Representatives. He wants to pretend that the only vote he can pass must come with united GOP support from a crowd of loons I wouldn't count on to be able to order a pizza. This plan depends on your denial that 205 House Democrats exist.

Because GOD FORBID a dozen or so House Reps have to stand up to the Tea Party and risk a primary. God Forbid Boehner or some other "moderate" Republican has to stand out and be the voice of reason in this lunacy. Cowards, each and every one of them, and rather than confront the tea Party the cowardly bulk of the House GOP to a man goes along with the lunacy and brinksmanship, all so they can extract more hostage demands.

So off the bat let's stop pretending that Boehner can't pass a bill without majority GOP support. John Boehner's cowardice is not my frigging problem. The GOP's ongoing civil war between its' disaffected factions of extremists are not my problem, it's John Boehner's problem, but Boehner's Speakership is at risk if he ever tells his deluded pack of teabaggers no. John Boehner is willing to crash the US economy in order to keep his job. Has there ever been a more reckless and incompetent House Speaker who could allow such a thing to come to pass?

So Boehner has failed to get the House GOP caucus to come to reason again, just as he has failed to corral his rabble of tea-swilling Dittoheads time and time before. Boehner kills the Senate's compromise and demands more, more of what he can't win in elections, and further down the rabbit hole of dying GOP poll numbers and towards the growing threat of widespread economic calamity we go, and all because we let John Boehner get away with a basic and obvious lie.

Because John Boehner and the rest of the Moderate Republican Unicorns are too chickenshit to offend the Tea Party or the deep pockets of their Koched up backers, and so the rest of us have to suffer. 300 million Americans have to suffer because they are caught in the crossfire of a GOP intra-party civil war. All because John Boehner has invented his own personal House version of the Filibuster where any deal must be made under the premise that House Democrats do not exist. This means that the tens of millions of Democratic House constituents are immediately cut out of any deal to end the GOP shutdown. All for maximum leverage for gerrymandered House Republicans.

And remember, House Democrats actually received more votes than House Republicans, by about one and a half million, yet 51% of Americans today get no say in how the House of Representatives is ran, and all because John Boehner can't tell Loue Gohmert to sit down and shut the hell up.

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A reckoning will come, because no matter what the outcome is here it appears certain that the House Teabagger caucus will not be satisfied until Obama resigns or they impeach him. Boehner, on the other hand, has the unenviable task of trying to get the teabaggers to govern, and his days MUST be numbered as Speaker of the House. John Boehner is horrible at his job, we have never had a House Speaker so incompetent and cowardly that he let our nation be led to the brink of financial catastrophe without an exit plan. My bet is that the GOP replaces Boehner as soon as the dust clears and the ill-informed Teahadists figure out they didn't stop Obamacare, and then there will be hell to pay. So what happens if Boehner totally loses his caucus? What happens if Boehner has already lost his caucus? We might be totally screwed.

And you know what? At this point, I say screw it. Let em default, I'd rather default than give in to more GOP hostage demands. Screw it, let em burn it down, the American people have turned on the GOP and if they light the match they will surely burn their house down with ours, so I say please proceed you lying bastards. Let the GOP do it, I think that was there plan all along anyway.

But as for Boehner, one way or the other Boehner must go. Incompetence on this level must not be rewarded and can not be tolerated. You wanna throw the GOP an anvil? Demand they name a new Speaker of the House as part of any future negotiations, then get your popcorn ready and watch the feeding frenzy commence.

A price must be paid. The GOP must lose the House for this, to ensure that no one ever tries Government by Economic Sabotage as a tactic again. The GOP must lose and lose badly, and it has to start with John Boehner. John Boehner must lose.

I'd rather have Speaker Pelosi back, and I think we MUST make that our top priority for 2014, but I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with Speaker Louie Gohmert for a few months first.

All that aside, I would like to conclude by reitterating my initial point, at the bottom of all these lies and brinksmanship is the lie that John Boehner can not bring anything to the floor unless we pretend that 200 House Democrats don't exist. This gives cowardly House Republicans the cover they need to never have to upset their rabid teabagger flank of giddy hostage killers. I don't want my country back, it was never MINE or MY OWN to begin with, yes, precious? I don't want my country back, I want our country back, I want our Federal Government back, and I damn well demand my right to a House Representative back.

If Boehner were anything other than an orange-bellied coward he would find the mythical unicorn like dozen or so House GOP moderates and get them to vote with the 200 or so sane Democrats who are capable of governing like big boys and girls. But Boehner can't because John Boehner sucks at his job. And for the crap he has been pulling, including today, the only way America wins is if John Boehner loses.

Enough with the Hostage Demands. It's time to call Boehner's bluff, and if he burns it to the ground I hope his House burns down first.

End rant



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