Received this e-mail today from Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald (D. OH) who is calling on fellow Ohioan Speaker John Boehner (R. OH) to reopen the government:
If Republicans don't act before Thursday, they will throw the world economy into a tail spin because we won't be able to pay the bills Congress racked up.

Here are the facts: In Ohio, 2,204,313 residents who earned and rely on their Social Security benefits won't get those benefits when they're supposed to on October 23rd. There are 101,083 Ohio veterans who currently receive disability compensation won't get that pension on November 1st. The pensions of more than 2.4 million retirees in Ohio will be threatened, and education loans could jump more than $1,000 for 412,511 students.

Republicans are willing to hurt real people if their political demands aren't met. I've had enough: Join me and tell Speaker Boehner to reopen the government and allow the Treasury Department to pay our bills:


The global economy hangs in the balance – American currency, mortgage rates, student loan rates, auto loans, seniors, students, disabled veterans, and ripple effects we can't even predict ahead of time. Our country has enough to handle without self-inflicted nonsense like this.

Tell Speaker Boehner that you've had enough. It's time to end this hostage crisis:


Thank you,


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FYI, FitzGerlad's opponent, Governor John Kasich (R. OH), was a big government cheerleader back in 1995:


Although Gov. John Kasich has called for an end to the current partial shutdown of the federal government, as a senior U.S. House Republican in 1995, he supported GOP threats to close the government during a budget impasse with President Bill Clinton.

After the first of two partial government shutdowns ended in November 1995, Public Broadcasting’s Jim Lehrer asked Kasich if closing the government was “worth it”? Kasich replied that “we were fighting over real principles and real integrity.”

Kasich’s role in the 1995 partial shutdown provoked a testy political response yesterday from Democrats. Campaigning in Cleveland with Kasich’s likely 2014 Democratic opponent Ed FitzGerald, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said Kasich was “a forerunner of unleashing the self-destructive ideology that puts the views of the few ahead of the good of the many.”

“This obsession that some of the new tea party era governors like your own Gov. Kasich have with shutting down government, with doing away with government, with cutting education rather than improving education, these are not the choices that build up the innovation economy,” O’Malley said at a news conference with FitzGerald.

In the same 1995 TV interview, Kasich said, “Had we not made the fight, had we not stood firm and said there are some fundamental principles we have to adhere to,” then “we wouldn’t be here now, because it’s the history of Washington to just don’t worry about the next generation, don’t worry about paying the bills tomorrow, just get the job done and feel good. And it has to stop." - The Columbus Dispatch, 10/10/13

By the way, the Democratic Governors Association put out a new ad claiming that Kasich and other GOP Governors re-election chances are DOA:

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