I read Redstate so you don't have to.

from wexwuther

Listen, pal. Let me explain something to you. What the Tea Party has
done is spawned some of the great Americans who are speaking truth to
the masses. People like Sarah Palin. Go read her Facebook updates and
try to tell me with a straight face that she isn't winning hearts and
minds. She has millions of followers who look to her to articulate a
vision and provide clarity to a movement. This movement is going
places. Once we clear out the driftwood in the House and bring in more
people who share this vision, the old, dead, RINO GOP guard will be
gone. It may take time, but the winning of elections is coming. Mark my words
If we can convince more Republicans follow this advice then 2014 will be a year of rainbows and magic ponies for me and my fellow Democrats.


Rec list. Sweet! Thanks everyone.

Here's another comment from the same poster that also helps further explain their thinking:

Kentucky can go to hell in a handbasket. The people there are flocking to the ACA. We should bring to this fight the discipline of the union workers who hold firm on their strikes and suffer on principle. There can be no worse patriotic move right now than to sign up for Obamacare just to save a few hundred bucks a month. It will end up costing America much more than that.
Takes a minute to truly unpack that one. Everyone who might save money using Obamacare is unpatriotic, destroying America and deserves to rot in Hell for all eternity. Almost wish this was some kind of a liberal plant but the problem is I've met people who think just like this.  From the polling it appears the country is finally waking up to the ugly truth of it.
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