Ok, let me go through this.. in the past year, we've done a few meetups around the Kansas and Missouri area.   We had one in SEK which went quite well, and one in Lawrence where due to some confusion the waiters didn't keep track of who was who :(  

In the upcoming month I'm planning two.  One on November 9 in Columbia Missouri - a Saturday night where there is no home game going on.   For right now we have that set at The Rome in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

On November 16, we're planning something here in KC.  

As is normal:  Meals are on me, so at least it's a free meal.  This is a good chance to get together, talk for a bit, and go over what 2014 will look like for candidates in both states.   I'm working with someone from the Davis campaign to see if we can have someone from that with us in KC on the 16th.

I am open to suggestions of where is appropriate there.  (The Plaza?  South KC?  Power & Light?)


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