Have seen many, many diaries decrying the disaster that is the Obamacare site.  I have had my problems too, as has just about everybody.

It seems that the easiest time was had by those whose states set up their own exchanges.  Those of us whose states didn't (I live in Florida) have suffered through a whole lot of lag time, crashed browsers, dead links, etc etc etc.

I had the experience of registering up to the point where I was ready to read my Eligibility Report (for tax credit) .... but could never go any further.

I tried every couple of days ever since the site opened.

Finally - I picked another email address, created a new account (this was yesterday) and answered all the questions again.  This time the site took me all the way to the very last panel.  Then a mysterious red error message showed up - and once again, I could go no further. Three or four times closing the browser, logging in, trying again - finally I decided to do my little trick ONE MORE TIME.

A third email address.  A third account.  This was about an hour ago.  In an hour and fifteen minutes I got through the entire questionnaire, selected my health and dental plans, received info on my tax credit, and enrolled with Cigna.


This is a diary for anybody else who's had success with the site.

So now I have three accounts on healthcare.gov ... I will try to figure out if there is any way to delete an account.

But I am delighted that the site worked today.  As fast as advertised - almost no lag time.

At Inland's suggestions, I am pasting in here my post from below about the rates I will be paying now:

The last coverage I had before Blue Cross decided my pre-existing condition was too much for them, and cancelled my policy, was Cobra, costing $650 a month.

The plan I chose will cost a total premium of $550 a month, and the tax credit will bring my bill down to $144 a month.  So I am deeeeeelighted.

One unsung advantage of the ACA for those of us who are freelance workers, whose income varies from year to year - we will get help in the years we need it, and we will pay the full load in the years when we make more.  And that is just as it should be.  We freelancers have not had any help since Ronald Reagan did away with income averaging.


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