I am not much of a diarist here but I just witnessed our favorite Sunday morning politician on NBC talking to Brian Williams.

Basically McCain was licking his wounds and saying how much this shut down hurt both parties. He did say that it did hurt the GOP brand more so maybe there is some blood still flowing to the brain here. Maybe just a trickle.

At one point he was talking about the future of the ACA and he actually said that his goal was to "fix & defund" the program.

Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth this display of bullshit takes today's cake.

"Fix & Defund". Think about who this asshole is trying to reach out to. I agree with the fix part so he reached out to me a far left liberal socialist democrat. The defund part reaches out to his rabid tea party base. I guess he still thinks he can have it both ways.

He apparently learned nothing from this fiasco except to continue to pander to voters.


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