Chris Matthews:

"They will harangue us from now until December 13th over the budget talks, denying the need for revenues to balance out their push for budget cuts. They will threaten us until January 15th, Martin Luther King day, with the same torrent of demands that shut our government down until now. They will pound us again, with the specter of default come February 7th. Only a fool would cheer what happened today, relax as how this ended.
My earlier diary "Uh, wait a minute", received few recs. Turns out, Chris Matthews and others appear to agree with me.

Howard Feinman:

"I agree with you that we are going to face perhaps similar scenarios in January and February".
David Axelrod:
"This is no time to spike the ball in the end zone."

This is a three month deal. Tea partiers are not going to slink off with tails between their legs. The specter of government shutdown and default still loom large above the negotiations.

The ransom demands have been deferred, not rejected. There will be concessions by the Democrats. What are Republicans willing to concede?

The primary objections to my earlier post was my argument that the three month deal was for the purpose of perpetuating the extortion. Comments pointed out that it was to deal with sequester mandated military cuts, which the Democrats don't like. Seriously? We are going to have another budget showdown because Democrats hate cuts in military spending? Why in the fuck would we hate such a thing? The argument makes no sense, nor does the celebration over the deal that was just hammered out. A win would have been a long term Continuing Resolution and long term increase in the debt limit.

Make no mistake about it. We are still in full blackmail mode.

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