• Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is The Obamolitionists continue the fight...:
  • What could have been funded by what the shutdown cost. Standard & Poor's estimated the 16-day shutdown cost the economy $24 billion. Think Progress compares that with some government programs: The Child Tax Credit—$22.1 billion; the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program (formally known as welfare)—$17.7 billion;
    Head Start, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Women Infants and Children (WIC) program combined—$25.2 billion; the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP)—$24 billion; the Department of Agriculture’s proposed budget—$22.6 billion; NASA’s approved budget—$16.6 billion; all air transportation programs, including the Federal Aviation Administration, security, research, and other costs: $21.9 billion
  • But the folks at Foxaganda think it was no big deal: Despite Standard & Poor's estimate, Fox Business's Melissa Francis added her voice to that of Megyn Kelly and Lou Dobbs to deny that the Republican-engineered action produced a "huge hit on the economy."
  • Study shows Oreos may be more addictive than cocaine or morphine: The researchers studied the brains and behavior of rats presented in a maze with a choice of an Oreo or a rice cake. As if that is a choice.
    What was surprising—and I’m not kidding—the rats preferred to open the Oreos and eat the middle first, then eat the cookie outside. Seriously.
  • Boehner may want to unfriend a few folks at Facebook. The House speaker posted an explanation of his decision to allow a vote on reopening the government. Some 5,000 of his 387,000 Facebook fans liked him in 45 minutes. But some others, well:
    [They] called him an "asshat," a "sellout," Obama's "patsy," a "weasel piece of garbage" and a "Jellyfish."

    "Resign and go smoke a pack in the tanning bed," one wrote. "Fuck you, RINO!!!" wrote another. "Don't give in to the communist," said one. Others called him a "coward turncoat" and said he "just killed the republican party!"

    "You can kiss my ass, you spineless cretin!" wrote one.

  • Bloomberg holds press conference 16 stories below Central Park in City Water Tunnel No. 3: Having been in construction like some underground medieval cathedral for 43 years, the $5 billion tunnel, which will carry drinking water, became operational Wednesday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned reporters present not to disclose its exact location.
  • Joe Biden and Gina McCarthy welcome workers at EPA back to the job.
    Vice President Joe Biden and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy
     (passing out muffins) welcome an agency employee
     back to work Thursday morning.
  • Chinese book from 3rd century details Roman products. The book, now in translation, is that of Yu Huan, written between 235 and 265 CE. The author provides a list of more than 60 items the emperor has in abundance. Besides the gold, silver, copper and iron, there were: "divine tortoises" used for divination; white horses with red manes; rhinoceroses; "red hornless (or immature) dragons" (which produced the famous “dragons’ blood” resin); finely patterned multicoloured wool carpets; gold threaded embroidery; asbestos cloth; myrrh; frankincense; and, "poison-avoiding rats" (mongooses).
  • A kiss, apparently, is not just a kiss.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Shutdown's over! Greg Dworkin wraps up the politics, the "big whoop" journalism (formerly "both sides"), and how "why won't Obama lead?" really means "cut entitlements." Grover Norquist claims to be mad at defunders. Ted Cruz's $24 billion mailing list. And how did that number get decided on, anyway? "32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown." What Cruz's fake filibuster should have taught us about predicting the cave. Reinsurance fee, explained. Tea Party insight from the New York Review of Books! A frightening and abusive FBI practice, targeting American Muslims, of course.

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