I admit, living where I do I am surrounded by conservative talk radio.  So, as I drove around today, the common conversion revolved this way..

Morning Host: "that's what is going to happen, all of us producers are going to pay for all the deadbeats."

Rush Limbaugh this afternoon: "just moochers and deadbeats all waiting for us producers to pay for their way.."

Well, I just have to say something really quick, because it's a news flash: I'm not a deadbeat.  Neither are quite a few people who struggle with insurance.   So, a quick counterpoint.

While Rush and our morning personalities don't touch on it, many of us are the ones who either have, or care for, people with pre-existing conditions.   I cannot help that my son was born with a serious mental disorder which keeps his drugs in the $1000+ per month category and make it difficult to manage, no matter what income level I am at.  I can 'produce' all day long (and I do, in fact, work my ass off) but that doesn't change the medical currently rolling in.

Now, I love my son dearly, he is a great and fantastic kid, and I would not want a world without him in it.   But, in Rush's world, if you were a perspective parent looking at a society that says: "Go suck it you moocher, you are the villain, the deadbeat for wanting assistance" and you knew before your child was born that having that child would instantly turn you into a social villain in these Republicans eyes, I guess the temptation to abort and save yourself all of the social stigma and lost income would be tempting.

Oh, wait, if you do that then you're an evil so & so who they might protest all the same because your potential child is special a gift from God and so forth, and it's only after you reveal that the medical costs are too much do they get to call that child a moocher and you a deadbeat for it, and you should be damn glad you're both!

The conservative media ilk are making a comment about this to define everyone who struggles with medical a problem.. and you're feeding the crazy:

http://dayton.craigslist.org/...  (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!)

Declarations that there should be war against "deadbeats" and those who accept ACA.


Well, I hate to break it to you, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr Wild conservative.. in your lingo my wife and I "chose life", and as a result, we have significant medical costs that zone us out of standard options.  

So, if you really want to "go to war" with all of those "deadbeats" who want help with insurance, I give to you an old proverb: walk a mile in my shoes.

Until then, I've got work to do.  Paying, for money work, to do.

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