When the plan was developed to drill to the well to cap it, President Obama decided that a second plan (a backup) was needed in case the first plan failed.

Flash forward to today. Does he have a backup for the healthcare.gov website? I  hope so. I hope they are building a new design. I'm afraid the current system is fatally flawed, and will never be acceptable in time.

There are new reports that insurance companies are getting wrong data. People already enrolled are getting un-enrolled. I got forwarded to a non-existent TennCare website. If they can't get it working at a high level in the next week or so, it risks crashing the whole plan.


Hoff Post

If these problems persist longer -- weeks, months, a whole year -- the entire Obamacare project falls apart, Laszewski said: "It's a holy shit moment."
At some point, the shitty experience will do more harm than starting over. The media is already crawling all over this massive fail. I can't defend it, either. There is a vacuum in the media now that the shutdown is over. And they need a new "scandal."

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