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Because freedom, that's why.
Today in E.W. Jackson news, we learn that the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia may have been embellishing yet another bit of his dramatic and self-aggrandizing personal story.
[V]ivid details of his escape from deprivation in a Chester, Pa., foster home — the emotional core of his stump speech — have been challenged by two women who were there. […]

There was also no indoor bathroom, Jackson said, and as the youngest of the foster children, “I brought the pot down.” He was last in line for the once-a-week bath in a galvanized tub.

“I’m like, ‘What house was he in?’ ” said Nadine Molet, the adopted daughter of foster parents Willie and Rebecca Molet.

Nadine Molet shared the same roof with Jackson and said the bathroom was on the first floor, beyond the well-stocked kitchen. “I never remember missing a meal. We always had fatback, cornbread, pancakes. We always took a lot of food to church.”

I find it puzzling that so many conservative candidates portray themselves as poor people made good, given that poverty is considered by most of them to be a sign of personal weakness and/or laziness and/or a general inability to break oneself of the lavish government perks doled out to the poor and hungry in America. No matter; let's ignore that for now and just enjoy our few remaining visits with E.W. Jackson, given that I don't think we're going to be hearing from him for very much longer.

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