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October 19, 2013

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From Missy's Brother:

cmnh posted a New Hampshire pumpkin field photograph this morning in the Saturday Morning Garden Blog. "dance you monster" made an observation statement. cmnh answered back very cleverly with New Hampshire's license plate motto.  
From TXcFreeThinker
In ericlewis0 's diary "Time Mag: Ted Cruz Likely Violated Senate Ethics Rules" he reported that Ted Cruz made a $6,000 investment more than a decade ago in a Jamaican private equity firm founded by his friend, a former college roommate.

The best comeback to that was hayden's quick reply.

October 18, 2013

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Got mik!

<!-- Top Mojo for 10/18/2013 generated at Sat 19 Oct 2013 03:00:02 PM PDT ... cut here ...

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  2) Clinton is complex by koNko — 222
  3) Remember, Harry is a former boxer by gf120581 — 165
  4) Things Go Worser With Koch nt by Gooserock — 157
  5) Lawrence O'Donnell... by BruinKid — 145
  6) In a Non-Presidential Year Election by JekyllnHyde — 130
  7) Maybe this guy would like to run for President by greenbell — 125
  8) I lionize the Bill of Rights by RFK Lives — 117
  9) sorry... by tung sol — 116
10) jail is a good place by jfromga — 115
11) At least they did the right thing and videotapd it by exlrrp — 111
12) It reminds me of the old joke by mikeypaw — 104
13) They didn't do it to purposefully ruin the by enhydra lutris — 103
14) That is the most knowingly-disingenuous pile of by Floyd Blue — 96
15) I voted Yes in your poll by Sky Net — 89
16) I have a knack for stating the obvious however by humanunit — 87
17) I don't think vanadium should be... by Ernest T Bass — 86
18) Moved to Txas in January, 3 months to by yoduuuh do or do not — 85
19) Educated Women and the Dread Feminzis Less Likely by Gooserock — 84
20) Horse shit by expatjourno — 82
21) Wrote about it in The Nation by Jesselyn Radack — 82
22) Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.  Seriously... by LiberalCanuck — 82
23) Pollution is socialized by the far right by FishOutofWater — 81
24) It's always the average working citizens who are by thenekkidtruth — 80
25) a spouse shouldn't be considered a dynasty.. by murrayewv — 80
26) Usually Harry is pretty diplomatic in the Senate by Rolfyboy6 — 80
27) Won't this backfire? by Mikesco — 77
28) these creatures are more dangerous by BlueDragon — 77
29) Vitter playing with "full load" not a full deck by Leftovers — 77
30) That formation they destroyed is ... by davehouck — 76
31) Who Knew Cruz had Friends! by VickiL — 76

TOP October 18, 2013

Enjoy jotter's wonderful PictureQuilt™ below. Just click on the picture and it will magically take you to the comment that features that photo. Have fun, Kossacks!

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