The Tea Party, or better, more accurately described as authoritarians without conscience, will continue to engineer [or manufacture] a financial crisis is because that is all they got. They are aggressive or attacking politico's, they attack their perceived enemies, be they associates or adversaries, and know no other means to conduct their politics but attack, attack, attack. They are revolutionaries, meaning they seek to radically re-order society to the worldview they only possess and since they are Right Wing Authoritarians, they seek to destroy that to which they want to reorder and remake it only in their view.

It is what it is, no different than a tiger who preys on whatever large game is available, even humans in the wild. So understand your enemy and you know how to deal with them. These are not rational adversaries and will not admit defeat, merely a continued effort to wage their fight, for they cannot ever admit that they could be wrong in any manner or means. It is their end that they seek and nothing, nothing can ever be acceptable except their complete reordering of society in their view.

So, for the rest of us we need to come to terms that they need to be defeated---completely, comprehensively, though with mercy and principled, but annihilated politically nonetheless. Principled as in sustaining and expanding democracy for all, not just those radicals which they view democracy is exclusive for them. Principled in that it is done by and through a matter of established law and the republic's constitutional process. It is done by isolating them without quarter and expose them to what they are---anti-Americans. They get no quarter unless they repent and give a genuine submission to the constitution and matter of law through democracy, all democracy not just what they choose.

Therefore as the nation begins to realize that these radicals are what they are continue to expose them, but understand that government is going to be challenged. Republicans like our Congressman Lamborn needs to be labeled as a Tea Party if he aligns with them, whether he really is or not.  No quarter, no safe harbor.

Actually I hope they do this again. The nation will be hardened as a family friends are hardened over an addict who requires treatment. With each event forgiveness is less over the drama and transgressions but provided once treatment is successful. The thing is once there is consensus that treatment is the only option a family and friends galvanize. What we need is a national intervention with the resolve of a family. Trouble is politics is not like that. But an intervention can and will take place on election day.

Throw out the Republican Congress and that will begin, though this Right Wing Authoritarianism will not just go away, they must be destroyed to a marginal wing of politics---like the Communist Party. Only the Republicans can do that and that will only be done when they lose so much that they either re-brand or start a new party because their brand is so destroyed. Too bad so sad. But marginalize them no less.

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